Website issue, Retrograde, Eclipses, oh my….

Hi everyone,
Apparently my website is on ‘tilt’ (think Pinball Wizard) which doesn’t surprise me because so am I.

I guess you can still read most of it, but it’s a little broken.

This is a wild time after all, with Mercury in Retrograde and 3 eclipses close together.
All good, though. I always always come out the other side as a better version of myself : )

I can do this by  spending a lot of time in my own silence- gathering the information that I need, from Spirit.

So, stand by while I scrap that website and rebuild something new.

And reinvent myself, ha!

In the meantime I’m still doing holistic healing in my San Luis Obispo, CA office.

Rapid Eye Technology
The Infinity Connection
Massage Therapy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Developmental Mentoring

And considering a new music project, or maybe free-lancing for awhile…. harmonica player, light percussion, vocals.

Call: 805 471-4093



Lion’s Gate 8-8-2016

Remember- this that we experience here in the 3rd dimension is all an illusion. And is, at the same time, an important way for us to evolve. We are doing good work here. Stay focused as the observer.
Today is the Lion’s Gate, 8-8-2016.

gently swaying in the breeze

There comes a day when you simply know how to sway

without all of those ridiculous things in the way

Fear, worry, holding back, spirit in a cage

anger, self-doubt, hurt or enraged

Whether it rained upon you in layers of pain or quaked deep inside your heart

It is time to start

Hear it now in the canyons and open your eyes to see

Trees in the breeze, birds in flight, dolphins swimming free

Debra Windsong~









Appreciate everything, starting with yourself and your journey……

…and then extend that appreciation out into the world and all it’s inhabitants. You’re doing good work here.
It’s not always easy.
We’re all in this together.

We’re all facets on this crazy diamond, so shine on!

“Be grateful for your life, every detail of it, and your face will come to shine like a sun, and everyone who sees it will be made glad and peaceful. Persist in gratitude, and you will slowly become one with the Sun of Love, and Love will shine through you its all-healing joy.” ~Rumi
Love, Love, Love to you All~
Debra Windsong

Creating Our Reality

I don’t read newspapers or watch the news. And about a decade ago I made a choice to give up celebrating the major holidays.  I could cite at least twenty reasons for this decision, but I will tell you just this: since I have learned to appreciate and be thankful every single day, it is counterproductive within our Spirit to make one day a day of thanksgiving. And since I have learned to live from the heart, every day is Valentine’s Day. Now that grace and love are my focus, I don’t need something like one day of the year called Christmas. 

It’s about freedom and creating new paradigms.

What works for you? Give yourself permission to create it.

Windsong Wellness services:

Rapid Eye Technology, Massage, seated massage in the workplace, energy work.……
The Infinity Connection is my own method of energy work addressing the client’s energetic field. Congested or blocked areas are identified and cleared. Identification comes in a variety of ways- clairaudience, clairsentience and at times, mediumship (connecting with love ones that have passed on). Clearing occurs when I, as an intuitive empath, move into a state of higher frequency, and as I maintain the pure knowing that energy can be transformed, I then come together with the client’s higher form. With focus and intention I connect to the unwanted energy and release it from the client’s energy field,. The client is then able to experience a stronger, clearer connection to their Infinite Self (Pure Source Energy), which is where Divine Intelligence is accessed.
Office location- San Luis Obispo, CA.
For more information please visit my website at:
(805) 471-4093

Close Your Eyes. Fall In Love. Stay There. ~ Rumi

I was talking with a client recently, while giving her a massage. She told me what her physical aches and pains were. I shared some of the accumulated knowledge I have from doing massages for the last 20 years. I approached the idea of the role that emotions and stuck false beliefs played in our ailments, but she was only willing to talk of the physical aches. When she added another couple of ailments to her growing list and then offered up that she probably wasn’t drinking enough water, I realized that I couldn’t keep quipping back known fixes to the physical issues. I was at that same crossroads again- I needed to respect that we weren’t on the same page or that I wasn’t the one she would open up to, or that she just wasn’t ready to do so. After all, she came to me for a massage and nothing more. But I was moved to make this one verbal summary, for what it was worth to her (and for what it is worth to you the reader), and it came through me faster than I had a chance to second guess whether it should be said. What I said to my client was this: just wake up every morning and make a pledge to yourself to fall deeper in love with yourself than you were the day before……. and that’s it. Fall in love with yourself, and stay there. Hold it in your awareness every day. Notice what comes up that wants to tell you why you shouldn’t love yourself. Write it down. Rewire that false belief through the many alternative modalities available (i.e. tapping, Rapid Eye Technology, energetic release, etc.) Keep your focus on loving yourself. And then watch how you will remember to stretch. You’ll chose better food for your body. You’ll remember to drink water. You’ll set better boundaries. You’ll nurture yourself…………Love, love, love yourself! You’re perfect!

Debra Windsong


My Healing Modalities


Hi everyone!

I was on the big island, Hawaii, for awhile (so beautiful! great energy!) and chose to return to the central coast for now.

I have secured two new locations to see clients:

In San Luis Obispo, at The Santa Lucia Birth Center, located in the San Luis Business Center at the corner of Los Osos Valley Rd and S. Higuera Sts.

In Avila Beach:  6627 San Luis Bay Drive, in the Avila Bay Athletic Club complex, in the shared office of Dr. Lapidus and Dr. Trochman.

Here is a list of my wellness services:

Rapid Eye Technology- $95/ session

The Infinity Connection- $85/hr.

Massage Therapy- $75/hr.

Reconnective Healing- $85/hr.

The Reconnection- $333.00 for two sessions

To schedule or for more info. please call me at (805) 471-4093 or email

Thank you!

Debra Windsong




Healing is mystical- is that the point?

If there comes a time in our lives when we face a serious physical illness or disease, we must realize that there is no way to heal by using our mental thoughts and chemical concoctions. We must engage directly with the life force that provides our essence. We would need to surrender, let go, tap in to Universal Life Force, believe, be open to the revelations along the way, be gracious wherever possible, be accepting- including accepting of our varying emotions, and our entire journey.
Is that the point?
Stay aware, seek balance.
We may not have to face dis-ease but if we do, we find ourselves suddenly on the fast track to remembering how to self-heal- or not.
Tap in now.
Debra Windsong

Our Energetic Blueprint

What if we, as spirits, designed our energetic blueprints prior to inhabiting our bodies?
What if we set ourselves up for certain kinds of experiences and with the people that could provide the lessons, based on what we contain in our blueprint, as a way of accomplishing our goals?

I believe this to be true.

How often do we feel like we are victims in life?
Victims of circumstances, of other people?

What if we honor ourselves for writing into our blueprint all of those challenges?
What if we regard all the people that we may once have thought of as perpetrators, as teachers?

~and then we honor them for that, as opposed to resenting/hating and missing the whole point of the experience, the experience that we designed for ourselves prior to coming here…….
~Debra Windsong

The amazing magnificent fig tree.

I had a talk with a massive fig tree in Santa Barbara last Sunday.
Me: How did you get so big?
Tree: I love life, I ‘treely’ do.
Me: So you just, went for it?
Tree: Exactly.

treely: adverb(?) meaning truly and really combined, to form a feeling that is greater than the sun of the hole (the sum of the whole- get it?). All trees have known of this enhanced feeling version since the beginning of time. It is just now being shared with the mortals. And the trees chose me (!) to tell this to…… aaahh yes, I am so blessed….hahaha! Just keeping the very high vibration of fun active, people!

Debra Windsong

The Infinity Connection…

is my own method of energy work addressing the client’s energetic field. Congested or blocked areas are identified and cleared. Identification comes in a variety of ways- clairaudience, clairsentience and at times, mediumship (connecting with love ones that have passed on). Clearing occurs when I, as an intuitive empath, move into a state of higher frequency, and as I maintain the pure knowing that energy can be transformed, I then come together with the client’s higher form. With focus and intention I connect to the unwanted energy and release it from the client’s energy field,. The client is then able to experience a stronger, clearer connection to their Infinite Self (Pure Source Energy), which is where Divine Intelligence is accessed.
For more information please visit my website at:


My Inner World and Outer World are no longer mere reflections of each other- they are a portal connected to past, present, future oneness.
The darkness once mirrored the absence of light, now there is only Infinity.
There are no more shadows to hide in.
There’s no more you and me.
Lately as I walk by others I feel like I’ve known everyone forever.
All look familiar to me. All are swimming in the pool of evolution.
My quest for authenticity took me through twists and turns, dodging my truth by spraying a cloud of haze out into the path in front of me.
All to see what it felt like to come out the other side.
I can see through me like I see through you.
I am you.

~Debra Windsong


My heart is open, just flapping in the breeze!
I stand before you and also in front of my own self
in awe of the beauty that is you and me.

No longer hiding behind the guise of perfection.
Are you real enough to love my vulnerability?

I’ve come to know it as a strength and a freedom.

~Debra Windsong

To me, to you~

I want to tell you, with a smile on my face, that you are okay with me.
I worked hard to get to a place where I stopped judging myself.
Because of that I don’t judge you either.
More freedom for me!

Now, where else can I be more free……..?

~Debra Windsong

god, God, GOD, Goddess

My belief is that God is the ‘Consciousness’ of Universal Life Force Energy.
And that is why we of consciousness, are a part of god- we are god.
The highest frequency of consciousness is vibrating in Love.
Love Force.
Need it be more dogmatic than that?
May the Love Force be with You.

~Debra Windsong

Our Purpose on Planet Earth….

and in this realm, is to raise the vibration of the planet, by raising our own vibration.

Environmentalists, antagonists, artists, parents, corporations, politicians, haters, lovers.
All of us- it is not ‘us’ and ‘them’.
The most devious antagonists play a role.
Why do we need them?
To antagonize and force the lessons.
Some day this won’t be necessary.
As the vibration of the planet rises, the contrast will mellow.
Heaven will reside on Earth.
Our mission will be a success.
In the meantime, it truly is the journey and not the destination, so stay present.
Play, laugh, create and love hard.
Here’s to you. Here’s to us.
‘I am another you’
Debra Windsong

The P.U.F.s

What does it take to believe in something outside of our current parameters of belief?
What is a miracle?
Are these the things that are waiting just outside of the box we live in, poised to happen but blocked until a window of opportunity somehow cracks open?
What makes this window crack open?
We are talking about freeing our minds to include all possibilities, in order to allow for the unknown, the miracle, the p.u.f.
The p.u.f.s, or the previously-unknown-facts.
They become known if they can somehow show up one time- and then it is a reality.
It is proven. It has happened, and so it can happen again.
The pufs.
They float about in the ethers, waiting to be reality, a new part of our belief system.
Break down the system and free your mind.
Don’t even have a ‘system’- have an ever expanding, all inclusive vastness of being.


Debra Windsong

Hello True Self!

There is so much to us!

A full color and light spectrum, a paradoxical dance of non-linear and linear.

A full spectrum variance of mass and vibration, free-form frequencies, everchanging, fluctuating- reacting, receiving, repelling.

Energetic properties change with each dimension and we exist in ALL.

Could it be that the best way to comprehend this from our physical perspective, would be to express it as much as possible?

I support setting an intention to represent the spectrum of our true selves by celebrating it through art, movement, music, color and light, as much as you can!

Act it out. Display it. Do it. Be it. Connect to it.

Express it with art involving your inspired choice of dance, art with color, pure essential oils that tantalize your vibration, music, light from and through the sun…..

Present it. Offer it. To yourself. To the World. To whoever…..
~Debra Windsong


Green Eggs and Ham Filled with Hormones and Anti-biotics

 I do not care about Bill Gates.

I am concerned with all it creates.

I do not like chemicals in boxes, poor foxes!, contaminants in the ground, poison all around. I do not like nuclear radiation, I will not condone this aggravation.

In the air, chemical streams falling into our hair.

In a box with a fox over my house would kill a mouse I do not like them in my water Uncle SAM.

Let me be, to be who I AM.

Debra Windsong
Dec 2013

Love as the Healing Force

I believe that Love is the same as Life Force Energy.

With that power, Love can create wholeness and vibrancy from a place of damaged or dis-eased.

Send Love Energy to Fukushima and other wounded, poisoned areas of our planet.

We can do this- together.

Let’s do this!

Debra Windsong

Nov. 19, 2013


Living Through The Heart

This may very well be the purpose of this incarnation.

This can happen at some point on our journey after we shed layers of fear to find ourselves.

Self-love deepens.

We then move towards  a truer understanding of Love as the very fabric of Existence.

It becomes clear that we are all woven together within that fabric.

Finally, you will look at another and recognize them as a facet of yourself. No matter who they are. No matter how their current behavior is playing out.

Only then will we be living through the heart.

Debra Windsong

Nov. 10, 2013


Love Love Love!

The focus of our journey here comes down to learning how to truly and deeply love- ourselves.
How many can say they truly love themselves?
And yet we are all worthy of that self-love.
It can take a lifetime to clear the obstacles, reset our belief system, and learn the beautiful truth of our power.
The goal is certainly to love ourselves.
Because from there the love energy will then emanate outward and affect everything and everybody.
That self-love energy will turn you on and inspire you.
Your light will shine brighter and brighter.
AND, you will begin to see the love in everything and everybody- and that has a powerful affect on All, as well.
What keeps you from loving yourself?
What needs to happen to get to that place?
Acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, transcending the challenges you designed for yourself, recognizing that you are part of the Infinite……
Thank you to all the people I know for taking this crazy ride of a journey with me~ Debra

Welcome to The Infinity Connection!

The purpose of this site is to  share reminders on the importance of keeping our energetic field clear and connected to Infinite Source.

We will talk about belief systems, creating our own realities, manifestation and modalities to assist us in clearing and raising our vibrations.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

I am heading up to Ragged Point, Big Sur on the central coast of California, to play music…….